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South Korea’s Search Market Shift: Adapting Your SEO


If you’re a global firm looking to break into South Korea’s search market, understanding the evolving search engine landscape is crucial for your success. While Naver has traditionally dominated the market, recent shifts are creating new opportunities for businesses that can adapt their digital strategies.

As of 2023, Naver’s search market share is estimated to be around 51-55%. Although it still holds a majority, its share has declined compared to the past. Conversely, Google’s share has steadily risen to about 35-41%.

South Korea’s Search Engine Market Share (2024)
South Korea’s Search Engine Market Share

In 2023, Naver’s search market share is estimated to be around 51-55%, maintaining a majority but showing a slight decline. On the other hand, Google’s share has steadily increased, now holding approximately 35-41%. 

  • By the end of 2022, Google’s market share in South Korea was 26.8%, which surged to 35.3% by the end of March 2023, closing the gap with market leader Naver. 
  • Recent data shows Google’s share at 41.88%, second only to Naver’s 52.94%
  • In just three months, the gap between Naver and Google in the Korean search market has narrowed from 38 percentage points to 19.9 percentage points.
  • Google’s higher search traffic share on mobile devices compared to Naver indicates a significant shift towards mobile searches. 
  • When considering both desktop and mobile platforms, the overall organic search traffic for Naver and Google in South Korea is nearly equal. 

This is particularly important as Google’s dominance in mobile search reflects the widespread use of smartphones in daily life.

Diversification of South Korea’s Search Platforms

The changes in the search market don’t stop there. Daum’s market share is estimated to be between 1-6% and continues to decline.

Meanwhile, other search engines like Bing and Yahoo hold less than 1-3% of the market. More interestingly, searches through social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are increasing, indicating an expansion in the concept of search.

For international brands, this diversification means you need to think beyond traditional search engines. Your Korean digital strategy should now encompass not just Naver and Google but also consider the growing importance of social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram in the Korean search ecosystem.

The Future of South Korea’s Search Market with AI

The advent of AI-based search services like ChatGPT is bringing another wave of changes to the search market. These AI services enable conversational searches based on natural language, surpassing the traditional keyword-focused search.

The Importance of SEO Strategies in the Changing South Korean Search Market

In this evolving search landscape, the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies is greater than ever. A strategy focused solely on Naver is no longer sufficient. 

Naver and Google SEO simultaneous ranking
Although it is Growth Marketing’s website content, it ranks highly on Naver and serves as multi-platform content.

 It’s time for a comprehensive SEO strategy that considers Google, social media platforms, and upcoming AI search services.

For foreign businesses, this evolving landscape emphasizes the need for a nuanced, market-specific SEO strategy. Your approach needs to balance optimization for both Naver and Google, while also considering the unique aspects of the Korean digital ecosystem.

Tips for Effective SEO Strategies

Multi-Platform and Mobile Optimization

As a foreign company, ensure your Korean website is optimized for both Naver and Google. Understand the algorithm differences between the two search engines and develop strategies tailored to each.

Remember, mobile-friendly website design and content are now essential, not optional.

High-Quality Content Creation

With the rise of AI, the quality of content has become even more critical. When creating content for the Korean market, consider cultural nuances and local preferences. High-quality, locally relevant content can significantly boost your search rankings and user engagement.

Leveraging Social Media

As search expands into social media, develop content strategies tailored to each platform’s unique characteristics. Adapt your social media strategy to popular Korean platforms like KakaoTalk and Naver Band, in addition to global platforms like Instagram and YouTube.


Technical aspects like website loading speed, security, and structure significantly impact SEO. Continuously improve and manage these elements. 

For local businesses, local SEO strategies are crucial. Claim and optimize your Google My Business and Naver Place listings to improve your visibility in local search results.

Data Analysis

Use analytics tools that can provide insights into Korean user behavior. This data can help you refine your strategy for the Korean market.

Conclusion: Turning Change into Opportunity

South Korea’s search market is rapidly changing. While these changes pose challenges, they also present new opportunities. By developing a comprehensive, Korea-specific SEO strategy that accounts for both Naver and Google, as well as emerging trends in social and AI-driven search, you can gain a competitive edge in this dynamic market.

An effective SEO strategy tailored to the Korean market can not only improve your search rankings but also enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility among Korean consumers.

Stay informed about the unique aspects of the Korean digital landscape and adapt your SEO strategies accordingly. This approach will be key to your success in the Korean market.

Are you ready to optimize your digital presence for the Korean market? If you need guidance on developing a Korea-specific SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s work together to unlock your brand’s potential in South Korea.

Nisrine Nouri GP - Content Specialist

Nisrine Nouri GP - Content Specialist

Morocco-born, Korea-conquering content specialist. Nisrine's marketing magic speaks four languages, but her results need no translation.

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South Korea's Search Market Shift: Adapting Your SEO

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