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SEO Experts in South Korea: Why They’re Hard to Find


For a long period, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was an unfamiliar concept in South Korea. Many companies failed to recognize its value, resulting in a scarcity of SEO experts in South Korea.

However, with the rapid evolution of the digital marketing landscape, the importance of SEO is increasingly being highlighted. Despite this, there is still a notable shortage of SEO experts in South Korea. What are the reasons behind it?

Reasons Why There are Only a Few SEO Experts in South Korea

The Dominance of Naver in the South Korean Search Market

For a long time, the South Korean search market was dominated by Naver, a local search engine. Naver prioritized its services like blogs and cafes in search results, leading many businesses to focus solely on Naver optimization. As a result, the importance of global SEO strategies focused on Google was relatively overlooked.

While it is true that many companies have focused on Naver optimization, the environment has been changing rapidly in recent years, with Google’s importance growing significantly.

Korea Search Engine Rankings
As of Q3 2023, Naver held a market share of 56.14%, Google 33.79%, Daum 4.47%, and Microsoft Bing 2.63% in South Korea (Source: Korea Search Engine Rankings and Market Shares (2024) – inblog)

According to Google Korea, as of 2023, Google’s search share in South Korea reached approximately 40%, with mobile searches surpassing this figure significantly. 

Moreover, Google usage is rising among Millennials and Gen Z, and this trend is expected to accelerate.

Considering Google’s dominance in most countries, with search shares exceeding 95%, Google SEO is essential for companies aiming to enter the South Korean market or partner with South Korean businesses.

Google Naver SEO Optimization
Growth Marketing Agency’s website optimized for Google SEO is also ranking as number one on Naver.

Thus, understanding both Naver and Google SEO is crucial for foreign companies looking to expand into South Korea. 

Solely relying on Google-focused strategies may not be sufficient; understanding and investing in Naver SEO is also imperative for success in the South Korean market.

Lack of Awareness About SEO

Many South Korean companies still do not fully grasp the importance of SEO, likely due to their focus on the domestic market. However, in the current era of accelerating globalization, this perception must change swiftly.

SEO is not merely a technique for ranking higher in search results. It is a strategic marketing method that accurately identifies customer needs and provides valuable content accordingly. A proper SEO strategy enhances brand credibility and helps build long-term customer relationships.

Obsession with Short-term Results

In South Korea’s digital marketing environment, there is a tendency to focus more on search ads or social media marketing, which shows immediate results. This aligns with a corporate culture that desires quick outcomes.

Comparing the cost-effectiveness of SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) (Source: SEO vs. SEM: Which Is Better in 2024?)

However, SEO is a long-term strategy. Its effects grow over time rather than providing instant results. 

Initially, it might seem slow, but with continuous management, it can secure stable traffic without advertising costs, making it a much more cost-effective marketing method in the long run.

Technical Complexity of SEO

SEO is a complex field that requires knowledge in various areas such as web development, content marketing, and data analysis. Training experts with such comprehensive skills takes time and effort.

Nonetheless, this complexity is also SEO’s strength. SEO experts do not merely perform technical optimizations; they enhance user experience, create high-quality content, and make data-driven decisions. 

This significantly improves a company’s overall digital marketing strategy.

Lack of Educational Opportunities

Compared to other marketing skills, specialized educational programs for SEO are relatively scarce in South Korea. 

As a result, opportunities to systematically acquire SEO knowledge are limited. Most SEO experts build their knowledge through self-study or practical experience.

This is an area where companies need to focus. Investing in SEO education and nurturing related talent can yield significant long-term benefits. 

Additionally, universities and educational institutions should develop and offer SEO-related curricula.

Relative Lack of Global Market Experience

Many South Korean companies focus on the domestic market, feeling less need to optimize for a global search engine like Google. 

However, as globalization accelerates, this situation is rapidly changing.

Foreign companies considering global market entry must formulate an SEO strategy that takes into account both Google and Naver.

Conclusion: SEO, the Future of Digital Marketing in South Korea

With the growing importance of global market entry and Google’s increasing influence, awareness of SEO’s importance is rising. Consequently, the demand for SEO experts is also increasing.

SEO is not just a technology. It is a comprehensive marketing strategy that understands user intent, provides valuable information, and improves website usability. A skilled SEO expert enhances a brand’s online visibility, builds trust, and ultimately drives business growth.

If foreign companies recognize the importance of SEO in the South Korean market and start investing in it, they can achieve significant breakthroughs in their digital marketing efforts. SEO is an essential marketing strategy that must be implemented immediately for success in this unique and growing market.

Nisrine Nouri GP - Content Specialist

Nisrine Nouri GP - Content Specialist

Morocco-born, Korea-conquering content specialist. Nisrine's marketing magic speaks four languages, but her results need no translation.

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